About Us

My Love Lock's Mission

Since many years ago, hanging a lock in a special place is a way to celebrate and commemorate love but, in 2015, the practice was banned because of the damage it caused for then country’s heritage, the pollution of throwing the keys in rivers and more.


But at My Love Lock we believe love must be always remembered, so we started working on an alternative that wouldn’t damage the environment nor the country’s heritage: Our virtual environments.


Like almost all adventures,
ours also starts with a love story...


Thanks to our virtual environments, there’s no need to travel to Paris in order to hang a lock at the Ponts des Arts. From any mobile phone, you can hang a lock in the blink of an eye. 


It didn’t take long for us to realize that love locks could celebrate way more than love romance, so we created dozens of 3d locks, since we know that a lock can represent romantic love, family love, a hobby, a personal achievement and much, much more.

Meet our team

Victor Igual
Co-founder & CEO

Biography coming soon

Marc Ferrandis
Tech. Lead

Marc's curiosity led him to take an interest in computer science, a discipline that has allowed him to experiment and educate himself in various fields.

Juan Carlos Requena

Biography coming soon

Antonio C. Sánchez
2D/3D Generalist

Antonio is an artist with passion for learning new tools and solve creative problems aplying logic

Andrés Simón
Community Manager

The one in charge of posts, message and everything social media related, Andrés makes sure My Love Lock is known and we keep our constant communication.