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My Love Lock allows you to hang the lock without damaging the city’s structures or its cultural heritage. Additionally, the lock won’t disappear until you choose so, making it a permanent memory that you can access whenever you want.

With the app downloaded, select the lock you prefer, customize it and choose a bridge. Afterwards, look for a free space on the passway and you will be able to put your lock there.

You can make it so everyone can see your lock or make it private, but you’ll always be able to send it to the person you want by email or any social network. This way, you’ll be able to surprise with an original and unique present that will always stay with you.

Completely! You just have to go to our collection, choose the lock you want and customize any information you want, like names, date, message and pictures.

You can download the app for free

At the moment you can hang your locks on the virtual environment of the Pont des Arts (Paris), but there are more on their way.