My Love Lock

What is My Love Lock?

‘My Love Lock’ offers you a new way to share your love, allowing you to create personalized virtual locks.

It is an innovative and meaningful way to express your feelings, creating a special bond with that important person in your life.

Celebrate your love in a unique and memorable way with ‘My Love Lock’.

Share and connect with others

Use ‘My Love Lock’ to share your creations and connect with other users, creating a vibrant community where love and friendship flourish through creative and personal expression.

A new way to share your love

‘My Love Lock’ reinvents the way you share your love, transforming feelings into unique virtual locks that you can share with that special someone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hang your #LoveLock in virtual version?

My Love Lock allows you to hang your lock without causing any damage to the structures or cultural heritage of the cities. Additionally, the lock won’t disappear from its place until you choose to remove it, making it a permanent reminder that you can access whenever you want.

With the downloaded application, select the lock you want, customize it, and choose a bridge. Then, find an available space on the walkways, and you can place your lock there.

You can choose to make your lock visible to everyone or keep it private, but you can always send it to anyone you want via email or social media. This way, you can surprise someone with an original, unique gift that will always be with you.

Absolutely! Just go to our collections, choose the lock you want, and customize the associated information (names, date, dedication, and photos).

The download of the application is free.

For now, you can hang your locks in the virtual environment of Pont des Arts (Paris), but there are more environments on the way.