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This website uses cookies. Cookies are files sent to a browser through a web server to record User activities on a website or the services of MY LOVE LOCK websites (hereinafter referred to as “the services”). Cookies are used to facilitate the maintenance of the user session, to ensure that the page functions correctly in its essential mechanisms, to provide faster access to selected services, and to personalize the services offered by MY LOVE LOCK websites based on the user’s usual choices and preferences when using the services.

Cookies are associated with an anonymous user and their computer and do not collect personally identifiable information. The user can configure their browser to not allow the installation of cookies used by MY LOVE LOCK websites, without preventing the user from accessing the services. However, not allowing the installation of cookies may reduce the speed and quality of the website’s functionality or even prevent the use of some services.

Cookies can be managed through the Cookie Consent Manager that will appear when accessing the website. You can manage the acceptance or rejection of different cookie groups and also view the cookies used and their complete description.


If you wish to change your consent settings, you can do so here:CONFIGURATION

Classification of cookies based on their duration: 
  • “Session cookies” or “Persistent cookies”: the former are deleted when the browser is closed, while the latter remain on the computer.
  • “First-party cookies” or “Third-party cookies”: depending on whether they are served by the website’s own domain or a third party.


Classification of cookies based on their purpose:

  • Authentication cookies: Identify the user once they log in to the system.
  • User-centric security cookies: Cookies aimed at increasing the security of a service requested by the user, such as controlling security when repeatedly attempting to access a registration system.
  • User input cookies or session cookies: Used for logins, shopping carts, etc.
  • Multimedia Player session cookies (Flash Cookies): Used to store technical data necessary for video or audio playback (such as image quality or network speed).
  • Load balancing session cookies: These cookies only store information about connection points (technical cookies).
  • UI customization cookies: Typically used to personalize the appearance of the website (language, etc.).
  • Social plug-in content sharing cookies: Social networks often have “plug-in modules” that website owners can integrate into their platform to allow social media users to share content with their contacts. These plug-ins often involve the installation of cookies on users’ computers.
  • Third-party advertising: Cookies used for third-party advertising networks.
  • Analytical cookies: Generate statistics on visitor flow, browsing patterns, etc.
  • AddThis
  • Cookies used to link content and share files on social networks. It provides us with information on which contents are most shared and through which social networks.
  • Google Analytics: Used to generate usage and navigation statistics for the pages.


The ultimate purpose of these cookies is:

  • To know the number of visitors and the duration of their navigation on our website.
  • To know which contents are most visited.
  • To determine if the user is new or has previously visited the website.

MY LOVE LOCK reserves the right to use cookies during the user’s navigation of its website to facilitate customization and ease of navigation. In accordance with the company’s data protection policy, we inform you that cookies are associated with anonymous users and their computers and do not provide personal user data by themselves.

The user can reject the processing of data or information by rejecting the use of cookies through the Cookie Consent Manager provided for user convenience, or by selecting the appropriate settings in their browser. However, please note that if you do so, you may not be able to use the full functionality of this website.

By using this website, you consent to the processing of information about you by MY LOVE LOCK in the manner and for the purposes stated above.

You can also disable the use of cookies through the privacy settings of your browser, using the links provided below in this Cookie Policy.


Types, purpose, and operation of cookies used on the website

The cookies currently used on the website are explicitly listed and described in the cookie consent manager, where you can configure them according to your preference.


How to disable cookies in major browsers

Cookies can be blocked or disabled using the configuration tools of your browser. The browser allows you to reject the installation of all cookies or choose to reject only some of them.

Here are the links to the tools of major browsers where you can find information on how to disable cookies:


What happens if cookies are disabled

If you reject cookies, you can still use our website, but some services and/or links may stop functioning, you may not be able to start or maintain an interactive session with the services of the website, and we may not be able to obtain valuable information from you to offer content that aligns with your interests and to allow you to access information of interest more easily and quickly.


Changes in the cookie policy

MY LOVE LOCK may modify this cookie policy, either by incorporating new cookies due to the need for new content that may be offered or due to legislative or regulatory requirements that necessitate the change. Therefore, it is advisable for users to review it before starting navigation on the website and each time they revisit it.

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